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Renewable Energy Plant Security

The majority of power stations in our country are thermal power plants. While these plants deliver a yeoman’s service in powering up the dreams of our nation, it is also a notable point that the scope of power delivery through these power plants is getting limited day by day as the fossil fuels such as coal and petroleum used as energy for these power plants is getting scarcer by the day. Hence, it is very important to use power produced from renewable energy to meet the demands of power of the current age.

At Pioneer Security Services, it is very important to understand the security concerns of such renewable energy power plants such as wind farms and hydroelectric power stations. Thus, plant safety is a very important factor that many security firms fail to understand. We provide the security services that are designed to address the needs of renewable energy power plants.


Some of the security needs concerning renewable energy power plants that we address are as below:

  • Continuous security patrolling of Site and office
  • Patrolling is done through vehicle and by foot both
  • Keeping watch on equipment movement, watching the log maintenance
  • Keep a check on Material In-Out Register
  • Daily activities logs monitoring
  • For handling unexpected circumstances, our guards are present 24/7.
  • Inspect any suspicious vehicle or people
  • In the worst case scenario, if any theft happens we conduct investigation and inquiries seriously until the thief gets caught.

Why you should Hire Us

At Pioneer Security Services, we understand that customized security solutions are the only way forward when it comes to renewable energy security services. With the help of the latest security technologies and a vast network of trained security personnel, we resolve to protect your renewable energy installation from the vagaries of the human mind.

What Next?

Why not keep your security worries about your renewable energy installation away from your mind and simply entrust them to Pioneer Security Services. We have a thorough ensemble of experienced security guards trained to the hilt, who have the capability of delivering the best of security services even under extreme situations. Call us to know more!