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Top 10 Security Services in India

As a responsible security agency, we know the needs of clients

The Security and Intelligence Domains in a nation are as fundamental as a functional heart in a person’s body. Luckily, India has various security organizations that pay attention to both the Analysis and Intelligence spaces. These organizations take care different establishments and areas including Personal Security, Corporate Security, Hospitals Security security of Solar Power Plants and so on. Let’s have a look on the list of Top 10 Security Services Provider In India.

1. Pioneer Security Solution Pvt Ltd

We are not only known to provide security in the form of skilled personnel but also have trained staff for countering any sudden threats. Our areas of operations but not limited to are Corporate and Business Houses, Banks, Insurance Company, Hospitals, Housing and Co-operative etc. The Pioneer Security’s foundation is Commitment, Ethics, and Discipline.

Pioneer Security

2. SIS India

The SIS India has turned into a main private security administration and arrangement provider in the nation. The company has acquired a place in the rundown of the main security organizations in India. The area of operation of this company is commercial units and IT and ITES sectors, financial institutions, resorts, retail outlets and so on.

SIS India

3. G4S India

G4S India is one of the most prominent security service providers in India. They are specialized in security services including the products, solutions related to security.

G4S India

4. Premier Shield

They are specialized in manpower management domain as well as in security service domain. Started as a minor, they have now acquired a leading place this industry. With approximately 18000 employees and 1500 clientele database, they have shown a strong and robust presence throughout the globe.

Premier Shield

5. G7 Securitas

The company is serving since more than three decades. The company privately protecting the lives of people as well as the assets significantly. They are proficient Indian security specialist organization popular for domestic as well as international services.

 G7 Securitas

6. Tops Security

Like all other security agencies, they are also listed into the Top 10 Security Services Provider In India because of their expertise in emergency response, defense management, event security, research, digital security, company security management, etc.

 Tops Security

7. Armour Security India Private Limited:

The company basically covers guarding services, housekeeping, manpower outsourcing, investigation and surveillance, executive protection and security, event management security, VVIP and fire safety audits etc.

Armour Security India Private Limited

8. V-Secure Protection Services Private Limited

This leading company is acknowledged for specialized services such as intelligence and investigative services. This includes background verification, employment verification, asset verification, matrimonial verification and so on.

 V-Secure Protection Services Private Limited

9. DSS Security

Backed by approximately 7000 workforces, the company provides best and committed services and solutions. They incorporate Advanced training solutions for keeping the team updated.

DSS Security

10. Fire Ball Group

The company is better known to provide security to banks, drug firms, MNCs, embassies, business, commercial properties etc. Owing to their larger area of operation, they have been listed here.

Fire Ball Group

All the above companies are have made their position in the list of Top 10 Security Services In India but only the Pioneer Security Solutions Private Limited has started securing the Solar Power Plants, one of the most valuable assets of Indian Government.